With literally hundreds of channels from which to advertise and promote your company, and thousands of technology resources available where do you begin? At NuRev Group we work with you to help you define your marketing needs through assessing your business goals and defining your target audience. This helps us to define key measurements from which to measure your marketing success before we begin. From here we help you build out and implement your marketing strategy and work closely with your team to make sure we stay on track with reaching your goals.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy & Planning

Before any campaign or marketing plan can begin you need to know your audience. We can help you segment and define your key audience and then look to find the “why”. What makes them take action and how do we get them to that point? You need to tap into your customers' emotions and know what drives them to a decision. Once you determine this that is what should drive your marketing strategy before a single ad gets placed.

Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

In 2019 41% of clicks go to the top 3 advertised spots on Google. PPC advertising gives you access to billions of customers through various platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram just to name a few. We help you develop the strategies to know where to find your customers online and then engage them to drive more conversions. Helping you manage your budget and optimizing your ads to ensure that you get the best return on ad spend (ROAS), they allow you to target your customers based on interests and actions taken online as well as stay in front of existing customers through retargeting. PPC is one of the most versatile advertising channels at your disposal and if managed properly can deliver amazing results.

Search Engine Optimization SEO


According to Google, there are roughly 3.8 Million searches every minute through its platform in 2019. With that kind of volume, it is easy for a website to get lost at the bottom of searches if it is not properly optimized. We help you build an SEO strategy from the beginning and ensure that you are ranking on terms that drive your business’ growth. Organic search delivers the highest quality leads they sought you out based on a relevant search. For this reason, you can’t afford to have a site that is not technically sound and optimized for SEO.

Email Marketing and Automation

Email Marketing & Automation

Simply put, marketing automation is here to make your life easier and we are here to help. We’ve worked with several technology systems from email marketing, chatbots, CRM integrations and more and can help you implement the right martech stack that simplifies your marketing and sales process. There are hundreds of automation tools at our disposal and often times, not knowing what is possible is the biggest hurdle to clear. From automated email campaigns and customer touchpoints to chatbots that help guide customers through your sales process, there are endless possibilities and we are here to help you make sense of it all and know what is possible.



Our team takes a holistic approach to every client we work with to determine what channels will give your marketing strategy the greatest impact. We use that same approach when it comes to media creative and placement. Ensuring that your message reaches the right audience who cares about your product or service is key. After all, marketing to a consumer who has no interest in your product is wasted money. We ensure that every campaign we run is backed by a sound strategy with optimal placement to ensure you see the best ROI for your campaigns. Be it traditional media through print, radio, TV or billboards, or an online campaign through programmatic display and video ads with social media and influencer marketing we want to connect customers to your brand at the right moment in the sales funnel.

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