From Concept to COAXIS: Building a Business into a Brand

January 4, 2021

How NuRev helped COAXIS build its brand identity

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The ClientCOAXIS Energy, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was founded in 2019 by two long-standing businesses as a joint venture. The energy company provides compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas sales and services for the transportation, commercial, utility, and industrial end-user market segments.

The Situation – COAXIS was just starting out when its leadership reached out to NuRev Group for guidance. The company’s leadership team had decades of experience in the industry, but COAXIS was a newer company, it needed help building its identity. NuRev determined that a detailed marketing strategy and an online presence could help conquer these problems.

The SolutionNuRev started by claiming COAXIS social media handles and a website domain. Once the handles were secured, NuRev created a similar look and feel across all platforms to make sure they shared a cohesive brand across the web. This included creating the COAXIS brand. From logo design to business cards and trailer graphics, NuRev helped evolve the ideas from the leadership team into tangible results. In addition, NuRev created a professional sales presentation that COAXIS senior leadership could share with potential customers and suppliers. COAXIS continues to work with NuRev to grow its brand identity.

“NuRev’s team was great to work with as we developed the branding and marketing strategy for our company. Through the process, they helped us see areas in our business that needed to be better defined, and in the end, they delivered a strong brand and online presence that we are excited to take to market.”

Gary Fish, COAXIS Energy Partner

  Certified Call Rail Partner
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